Re: Measure formatting in excel 2003

Well I was hoping it was possible in 2003, we will just have to do a manuel
format then :)

Thank you Michael.

"Michael G. Schneider" wrote:

"Mikael" <Mikael@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> schrieb im Newsbeitrag

Is there a way to make my formatting on measures work in Excel?

I set format string in Visual Studio 2005 to #,# and then I expect to see
number in excel as 1,000,000 but it is unformatted: 1000000

I observed the following: setting the FormatString in VS2005 to a number
format will work with Excel 2007. When accessing the same cube with Excel
2003 it will not work. So switching to Excel 2007 might be a solution.

However, also Excel 2007 has some problem regarding formatting. I still have
problems formatting a date in drill through.

Michael G. Schneider