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Can you tell me how I'm able to connect to AS2000 std ed without using http?
I am able to connect from my home domain just fine to all cubes not using
http. We currently only use TCP/IP. Is that indicative of a bug that
shouldn't be happening?



"Edward Melomed [MSFT]" wrote:

Answering your other question :)

Analysis Services only support windows authentication when connecting using
Specifying username and password as part of the connection string will only
work when connecting using HTTP. IIS will authenticate user using
credentials you pass as a connection string.
You have several options. One is to upgrade to Ent edition of AS2000. The
second option is to upgrade to AS2005. In AS 2005 Std edition supports HTTP

Hope that helps.

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"Anatoli" <Anatoli@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
I've run into a problem with connecting directly via excel 2003 to my
for some users external to my domain.

We're using AS2000 std edition, so http is not an option.

Internal to our domain, there are no issues with connecting to the cubes,
however external to our domain, it's hit and miss.

We've created domain accounts for external users to connect to AS2000.
home, I have no problems at all connecting to the cubes. As does a few
customers of ours, however our head office, on a seperate domain, cannot
connect at all.

When some external users attempt to connect to the cubes, they open the
connection wizard and input the ip address of the correct server, then
'Use the following username and password' and provide the correct
credentials, however the security logs shows that their host domain
credentials are being passed and not what they inputted.

Can anyone tell me where I need to look to resolve this issue?