Re: Administrator rights issue with HTTP connectivity

From: Chip (
Date: 07/23/04

Date: Fri, 23 Jul 2004 12:50:38 -0700

Dave - can you elaborate on item 2A - passing username a
connect string? Namely, how? I have already been pouring
over the article you mention all week - but still have the
same problem as the original post. -Chip

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>When using http connectivity with NTLM, you only have a
few options.
>1) You can run IIS and AS on the same machine, in which
case, your Windows
>NT credentials can be used directly.
>2) You can run IIS and AS on different machines but in
the same domain
>(which is a requirement), but then you need to either run
>authentication between your client machine and IIS (and
pass on the connect
>string a domain username and pwd to impersonate on the
IIS machine) or look
>at using Windows Kerberos delegation. Basic
authentication by far is the
>more common technique.
>More on this subject can be find in the following white
>Hope that helps.
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>"Mark G" <> wrote in message
>> I've defined a few permission groups to a cube. Now
I'm trying to
>> view the cube via ASP, which connects and displays data
when on
>> viewing the webpage from the server *OR* on any PC
which has a user
>> logged in with Administrator rights. If i go to another,
>> non-Administrator-rights box, the page errors, stating
the Cube not
>> available. I can not give IUSER administrator rights
and currently am
>> using windows integrated authentication for IIS
validation. I have
>> tried passing a standard userid/password to the
connection string, no
>> success. Heard anything as to why OLAP would not
accept passed
>> userid/password in this type of security setup? Any
other thoughts?