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From: Joe (
Date: 09/07/04

Date: Tue, 7 Sep 2004 15:57:06 -0700

I am getting the response MSDERela is not a recognized
internal command?

And the spinning wheel goes round and round ;)


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>hi Joe,
>don't worry =;-D
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>> Hello Andrea,
>> Ok,someone told me that SQL was easier than Access. I
>> don't think so... :(
>don't think so too =;-D
>> locate your MSDE installer directory and provide all
>> required params...
>> c:\...\>setup.exe
>> add the sa pwd as >>>>>> where does this go?
>> SAPWD="your pwd"
>> In here? >>>c:\...\>setup.exe
>> I have no Idea?
>> Ok here is the path to the MSDE on C:\
>> C:\MSDERela\setup.exe
>> Now how does this work with this >>> SAPWD="your pwd"
>open a command window.. navigate to tha folder, and type
the full command
>C:\MSDERela\>setup.exe SAPWD="your pwd"
>SECURITYMODE=SQL /L*v "C:\msdelog.txt"
>on the same line =;-D
>this will install a default instance of MSDE, with
enabled network
>protocols, allowing SQL Server authenticated connections
too, with the "sa"
>SQL Server special account password of "your pwd"
>the installation will be logged in the C:\msdelog.txt
>again, you can see the full explanation of each parameter
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