Re: DTS package from scheduled job fails

From: Allan Mitchell (
Date: 02/26/05

Date: Sat, 26 Feb 2005 12:13:26 +0000

The problem more than likely lies in the fact that the user account
under which you execute the job has no idea about the mapped drive.
This is why it is a good idea to use UNC paths to reference files.


"Christian Risager" <Christian> wrote
in message news:Christian
> Hi there.
> I have implementet a koncept in SQLserver to import data
> from an Access-database using DTS-package. There is no
> problem starting the package from SQLserver Enterprise
> mangager.
> However, I want to execute the package from a third party
> sql-interface, and therefore I made at scheduled job that
> execute the package. No problem if the access database is
> located on the same server as SQLserver Enterprise manager.
> But if I place the Access-database on another server, map
> the networkdrive from the SQLserver-server, the scheduled
> job fails with an error: "...not a valid path...".
> And I can still execute the package from within Enterprise
> Manager without problems.
> I have tried to change the owner of the job to variuos
> users and administrators, but without any success.
> I use this syntaks from a SQL-interface to start the job:
> use msdb;EXEC sp_start_job @job_name
> = 'fasdata_import';use <gis-database name>
> 1. Can I execute the package directly from an SQL-
> interface?
> 2. If not - how do I overcome this error with the job
> executing the package.
> Best regards
> Christian