how to configure ms sql server 2k and windows server 2k in order to sql from remote computer (with vb)

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Date: 02/24/04

Date: 23 Feb 2004 22:38:24 -0800


My local database (under ms sql server 2000, Enterprise Manager)
currently works fine with a vb application in that I can access the
database using a connection string with the ADODB VB object. My plan
is to use that same database from a remote computer( Computer A, for
our sake of making things clear) such that the VB application will run
on Computer A and use the ms sql database in computer B, the computer
where windows 2000 server installed, apart from the sql edition
specidied above. I know that as far as the connection string is
concerned, I will need to include the IP address and the port of
computer B, through which communication will be established. The
coonectionstring property of the ADODB.connection object will look
something like this:

 ConnectionString = "Driver={SQL Server};" & _
           "Server=;" & _
           "Address=,1433;" & _
           "Network=DBMSSOCN;" & _
           "Database=pubs;" & _
           "User ID=sa;" & _

When it comes to implementing the setup supporting the success of
using such connection string I'm totally ignorant. To be more
specific, I am not sure whether there is anything I need to do with
respect to the windows 2000 server of Compute B (other than installing
it, which I did). I'm sort of fumbling on the ms sql server side. I
got bits of information that lead me to open the ‘Server Network
Utility' form of MS Sql, where I enabled the ‘Names Pipes' and the
‘TCP/IP' protocols, and I enabled the WinSock proxy, entering into
the ‘WinSock Proxy Addrees' text box the IP address that I obtained by
going to a website which tells the one entering it the IP address of
the computer used when doing so. The link is :

Al,so, in the other text box corresponding to the ‘WinSock Proxy
Port', I entered the number 1433. The ‘instance server' value was
left with the default value. The same IP address used in the ‘Server
Network Utility' form was used in the connection string above. The
user name and the password in the connection string are the same ones
used when the VB application successfully connected to the local
database (as described above) But when the VB application is run
from computer A with the connection string above and the ‘Server
Network utility' configuration, I get an error message upon VB
application trying to execute the connect method of the ADODB.connect
object (whose connection string is the one above).

I hope I explained my problem in a way that the readers in this
discussion group can understand.

I will be greatly appreciative if anyone can help me in that matter
and tell me what I need to do. I have browsed the internet for the
past two day, to no avail. Anything that I do with respect to
configuring the systems (ms sql 2000, and windows server 2000) is a
good guess at best.

If you do get to respond, please cc me at

Thank you in advance