Re: SQL CE RDA Pull/push and SSL

Okay, seeing no one has replied, I guess I should clarify my issues.

I have written a program that pulls information off a Windows Server 2003
Enterprise Edition machine running SQL Server 2000 SP4 and SQL CE 2.0 SP4.
The client is developed in VS.NET 2003 and currently runs off an emulator in
lieu of PDAs to test on.

The problem lies as follows: for example, if I should specify the IIS server
URL to be, it would work, but if I
specified, it would fail with an

I have set up HTTPS correctly and am capable of getting the SQL server to
respond through the HTTPS on Pocket Internet Explorer on the Emulator and on
Internet Explorer on the desktop (I set up two http ports on the SQLCE
server to ease development: a clear HTTP SQLCE server on port 80 and another
HTTPS SQLCE server on port 443).

Must I specify any extra variables to get the rda calls to work through

Here's a snippet from the source:
string cStr = "Provider=sqloledb; Data Source="+sserv.Text+"; Initial
Catalog="+db.Text+"; User Id="+sqlu.Text+"; Password="+sqlp.Text;
if (usespi.Checked==true)
string rStr = @"Provider=Microsoft.SQLSERVER.OLEDB.CE.2.0; Data
if (ldbpyes.Checked==true)
rStr=rStr+"; Password="+ldp.Text.Trim();
if (ldbe.Checked==true)
rStr=rStr+"; Encrypt Database=\"TRUE\"";
string tsel = "SELECT "+custsel.Text+" FROM "+tabl.Text;
if (ccond.Checked==true)
tsel=tsel+" where "+cwhere.Text.Trim();

The following are then encapsulated in a try-catch routine:

rda = new SqlCeRemoteDataAccess(iserv.Text,iisu.Text,iisp.Text,rStr);
if (uprox.Checked==true)

The program pulls information from various textboxes and adds various
variables to the connection strings through checkbox choices.

Any help would be appriciated, thanks.


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