RE: Exit Code 1

Hi continuing with the saga....this is very strange... I removed the tick "
from surpress program notifification" and hit the baloon to install the
notified program. Task Manager indicated that the installation routine took
place, in other words the msi package was launched along with some registry
changes and the package was installed as far as i can gather sucessfully.
However SMS is still reporting an exit code 1 which is considered a
failure........... I have to create a package definition file (PDF) to reflect

"Neville" wrote:


I am trying to install Java Runtime version 6 via SMS using a Batch
file....When I launch the Batch file manually the install process
works....The package is mapped to a drive since batch does not support unc
path. Nonetheless I am getting an exit code error message.

Thsi is what i receive from event viewer:

"The program for advertisement "EAS20034" failed ("EAS0001E" - "Wks-Sun-Java
Runtime-6.0"). A failure exit code of 1 was returned.

Possible cause: Systems Management Server (SMS) determines status for each
program it executes. If SMS cannot find or correlate any installation status
Management Information Format (MIF) files for the program, it uses the
program's exit code to determine status. An exit code of 1 is considered a
Solution: For more information on the exit code, refer to the documentation
for the program you are distributing."

Any help would be greatly appreciated.