Re: Modify installation locations after install?

"Rob DeSantos" <RobDeSantos@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
> Well the secondary site will still install to C and connect back to the
> primary site, but the primary site needs to be reconfigured.
> I do believe it is best to seperate out data like this right?:
> 1 array for OS
> 1 Array for SMS installation itself (reporting, etc).
> 1 array for packages all by itself?

You could certainly do it this way, usually the OS is on a mirrored, RAID1
array. With regards to splitting the SMS installation and the packages to
separate RAID5 arrays, that would really depend on how many clients your
site is servicing and the frequency in which you push packages and create
advertisements. Many installations, including ours (~8,500 clients) keep the
packages and SMS site on the same raid-5 array. Disk subsystems are only one
part of the equation, you'll get higher performance with Windows Server 2003
and IIS6, with the proper processor and memory configuration.