Turns out it is the printer; I just have to figure out how to turn on borderless printing. As I said before, I'm using the HP Officejet Pro L7555 -- I've dug around the printing settings but all I can find is a "Minimize margins" settings, which I've activated; however, still have to find how to turn on "borderless" (specfically) printing.

Jaime wrote:

Probably an issue with your printer, many printers need a little space

Probably an issue with your printer, many printers need a little space along
the edge for paper handling and do not allow printing to the very edge of the
paper. I took a quick look at the HP site and it looks like that printer
will do borderless printing for photos, but not letter-size.

Check with your print shop to see what they recommend, they may be able to
take your pub file and it will print fine once set up for their printer or
you could convert to a PDF and give them that with the image out to the
edge. With 2003, you would need to have a PDF converter (printer) app on the
computer or if you know someone with a newer version of Publisher, the PDF
feature is built-in.
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