Re: how do i type words in a circle

My almost "bad"; I should have stated "in Publisher 2000 it is a slanted"
red W and a blue A.

I didn't like history in school, and now I'm living it (Pub 2000). :-)

Don - Vancouver, USA
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"Mary Sauer" <mary.sauer@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message

Hey Don, the WordArt icon is a slanted blue W in 2003 & 07. It will be the
same on the 2010 ribbon.
I have a WordArt circle on my web page.
Scroll way down.

Mary Sauer

"Don Schmidt" <Don Engineer@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
From the left select Word Art. It is a red W with a blue A on the icon.

Don - Publisher 2000®
Vancouver, USA

"nancy@sb" <> wrote in message
I am trying to type very bold (72 pt) in a circle
any help???