Re: How do I recover a Microsoft Publisher autosave file not saved

"Mary Sauer" <mary.sauer@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message news:eYr5Q1mRKHA.4028@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
The file is gone.

AutoRecover is useful if you have a power failure or similar, the file will be recovered. In that event the file will turn up in the temp folder after the recovery. The file will automatically come up when you open Publisher after the computer failure.

Mary Sauer

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Yes, I did look in the Temp folder and did not see anything. I also looked at
the c:\documents and settings\(user)\application data\Microsoft\Publisher
then repeat the steps the user made and the Autorecover save - unsaved
pub1(7DE6).pb19 went away and a pubcmd.dat appears. However the pubcmd.dat
seems to be a toolbar setting file and has nothing to do with the file not

"Mary Sauer" wrote:

Did you look in the Temp folder? In Windows Explorer, type %temp% in the
address bar. Find any file with a pub prefix, change the .tmp to .pub. You
may get lucky. If you didn't actually save the file, there probably isn't
anything to recover.

Mary Sauer

"techcoor" <techcoor@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
> 1. Is there a way to change the location of the autosave file?
> 2. Save AutoRecover info every: was set to 10 minutes. File not saved > had
> been worked on for over an hour. If the file is not saved, is not the > file
> Autorecover save - unsaved pub1(7DE6).pb19 (sample name) in > c:\documents
> and
> settings/(user name)\application data\microsoft\publisher deleted in a > way
> that it can not be recovered?

Mary, I think we went down this road once before. If I am reading the OP correctly he never saved the file at all after working on it for an hour. Auto save doesn't work unless it has been saved once, correct?

Isn't any auto-recovery file deleted after a successful shut down of Publisher and is only kept if a crash of Publisher occurs?