Re: How to adjust label width and height if not using Avery products?

Here's how in Publisher 2000; may be the same or similar in your version.

I'm guessing you use one of the A sizes of card stock.

Page setup
Special size
Select the card size in the drop down menu
If it isn't there,
Width 10.5 cm
Height 3.7 cm

Create the card and Save

Now to Print,

Select, Page Options button
Select, Print multiple copies per sheet
Select Custom Options

Referring to your card stock, fill in the margins and gaps.

And the printer is printing.

Don - Publisher 2000®
Vancouver, USA

"Ayesha" <Ayesha@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
I have purchased Xel-lent labels 16/sheet, size: 10.5cm x 3.7cm. However, i
cant find the corresponding Avery label template. How can i adjust the
templte size in Publisher to print my labels?


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