Re: Publisher 2007 right margin help

I've a PhotoSmart printer that will not print borderless in Publisher. I've
solved that by saving the publication as a high resolution image and printing
from the printer software. You would have to save the front and back separately.
Its a workaround...

You might try saving the brochure as a PDF and printing it that way. The save as
a PDF Microsoft offers is very good.
Mary Sauer

"The Flying Elvi" <TheFlyingElvi@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
Thanks Mary,

I've tried setting all the margin values to zero in notepad as suggested and
the only value that changes back is the right margin goes back up to 0.01. I
have a HP deskjet F380 all in one printer. As far as it's concerned it will
let me set margins to zero.

I've tried drawing diagonal lines on a blank publisher page - A4 landscape
with zero margins and in print preview it still stops short of the right side
of the page.

As I'm trying to produce a 3 fold brochure, this large gap at the right is
annoying. I can't trim it as I'd be cutting off the 'left' side of the
inside page which prints as normal.


"Mary Sauer" wrote:

Are you sure your printer can print that close?
Look here:

Mary Sauer

"The Flying Elvi" <The Flying Elvi@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in
Hi all,

right, I've downloaded a publisher template for a business brochure.

I've selected the template size in publisher to A4 lanscape 29.7 cm x 21
and set the page margins standard 0.5cm all round. The problems arise in
printing. Everything looks ok in print preview but on printing the right
margin is 1.5 cm while the rest stay 0.5cm. This is very annoying.

please help