Re: Page numbering in Publisher 2007

When you insert a section a message box will have a check-off *Begin a section
with this page* It will also have a *start at* fill in. If you want the section
to start at page 1, type 1. Okay out. Again, insert, Page numbers, you have
choices to where the number is to go. If you have a two page spread you will
have to repeat for both sides.

Mary Sauer

"Dennis McCunney" <Dennis.McCunney@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
John Inzer wrote:
Dennis McCunney wrote:
I just did a publication in Publisher 2007, which will be printed by a
commercial printer. It's an 11x8.5 book (printed landscape, not
portrait), with 4 color card stock covers, a 32 page B&W interior
section, and an 8 page interior color section, for a 40 page + cover

The printer requested the cover first, to get a jump start on the
color processing, so I dumped it to PDF optimized for commercial
printing and uploaded. They then suggested I send them the interior
color section separately, to let them get a jump on that, and the B&W
section cold follow later.

Fine by me, save that I used Publisher's page number feature to
automatically generate page numbers on pages in the specified
location. The interior color folio is pages 17 through 24, but I
couldn't find any well to tell Publisher "Start page numbers at 17" for that
section. So I had to tell the printer the font I was
using and the placement, and they had to set the numbers.

Is there actually a way in Publisher to specify the starting page
number? I couldn't find one, and it would be a useful ability for
cases like I mentioned.
Insert / Section

I looked at this, and am not quite sure how it's supposed to work.

My next challenge is creating a combined PDF with the cover and the interior
section, which can be downloaded from the organization's website for those who
didn't get the printed book. I *could* provide the cover and interior
sections as seperate PDFs, but I'd like to integrate them.

So I have a cover PUB file with front and inside front covers and inside back
and back covers. I want to drop the 40 page interior folio in the middle, and
have page numbers start on the first interior page. Thus far, doing the merge
and having the numbers come out right is not intuitive.


John Inzer MS-MVP