Re: Calendar Questions

Have you opened the created card in 2007 then copy/paste? This would be the
better way. Don't try to open it from the DVD, copy to the hard drive then open.

Mary Sauer

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I don't think you can change the default orientation.

Did you create the business card yourself or is it a template? Select Maybe the business card template you are using has objects on
the master page.
I can copy/paste okay, of course only the objects paste so they will not be
enclosed. If I enlarge the objects the text remains small but it can be
changed easily enough.
Do you have Vista? If you do try the Snipping Tool in the Accessories menu.
It is better than a screen capture.

I'm not altogether sure I know what you are trying to do.

I have XP
I made the business cards myself (might have when I had Pub 03, I save things
on DVDs and sometimes put them back on the computer)
I'm trying to take the business card and make it bigger on the top of a one
page calendar.
I can do it by making a screenshot of the card (open in Pub, using Paint
Shop Pro) saving it as a jpg, then inserting it in place of the calendar (from
the templates, one has a placeholder picture on the top that works)
But it doesn't seem to come out as clear and print as well that way.
I'm not always sure what I'm trying to do, either (LOL)
I will try the select all... group. (I know other programs have this,
Illustrator, if I remmber right and Flash) and the photo/art ones have the
merge layers to put it all together.
Most of the time what I'm trying to do turns out to be right there.

Mary Sauer

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I'm using pub 07, when I use the calendar templates the date on them is
2008. Is there a way to change it so it's 2009, without having to set the
dates to this each time (either for the yearly or monthly calendars)?
I almost always use the portrait setting, but the templates come up in
landscape, and I have to change this each time, can I set portrait as
What would be the best way to make a one page calendar (portrait) using a
business card that is already set up as a Pub file?
The calendar on the bottom and the business card (enlarged) on top. I can
find the template to use (taking off the picture on it) but can't find a
good way to put the business card on it.
I screen captured it and saved as jpg and inserted it, made it bigger but
the quality doesn't seem good (the writing) when it prints.
I tried copy/paste (from the Pub file) but only a clear box pastes.
Apparently one Pub file can't be inserted into/onto another?
Also, if I move the business card around, the graphic on it moves but not
the entire card (writing). Like it needs to be "grouped" together in some
way? So everything stays the way it is on the card, when it's pulled out or
moved around.

I've tried applying different sizes (calendar/blank pages) to the card, and
copy/pasting the calendar but that doesn't look good, and usually messes up
the tiny numbers, etc. on the calendar (it's a one page yearly one)
I've had the card saved and printed it as a business card.
If I'd known I would want it bigger for the top of a calendar, I probably
should have made it bigger to start and then reduced it on the business card
size. Seems like that would have worked better than the other way around
making it smaller instead of bigger.