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Select the objects that are printing wrong, group the objects, right-click, save
as a picture, use the .png extension. Reinsert this .png into your document.
Does the PDF work properly now?

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I read some of the solutions on the Primo forum. The only one near your
suggested print to file using Microsoft Office Document Image Writer, then
this to the PDF.

I have used a similar approach to remove colour from part of a document -
the problem is however that unless the image is of high resolution the text
may deteriorate. Also any anti-aliasing of the text may be lost.

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Thanks everyone.

Have tried saving to document writer, but as John so clearly points
out, though the fonts remain, quality is lost (and all the colours
went too making graphs difficult to read).

Don't understand the transparency solution as I'm not a designer. If
anyone could talk me through the steps, would appreciate it, unless
there's another way entirely. The document was originally created in
Word, I plonked it into publisher and the rest you all know.

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Hi folks, problem solved.

I basically changed the fonts in the original excel document (which
fed into the Word document) from arial to verdana. Saving to Primo PDF
caused one page to rotate as landscape when whole document was
portrait. Saving as Adobe PDF, both fonts and orientation were ok.

You couldn't make it up.

Thanks again