Re: Importing HP2000 files into Publisher 2007

It has nothing to do with RAM. It is the virtual memory. Have you tried

"Your system is low on virtual memory" error message when you try to start an
Office program

Mary Sauer MSFT MVP

"Grimy" <Grimy@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
If I right click on a 2000 file and choose "open", it of course opens in
2000. If I choose "open with-Microsoft Office Publisher", Publisher 2007
opens and then the following box pops up "Microsoft Office Publisher - There
is not enough memory to convert the text formatting. Windows is low on
memory. Save your work and close other programs to free up memory, and then
try again." I have 2Gb of memory.

"Grimy" wrote:

Hi, how do you import/open Home Publisher 2000 files into Publisher 2007? The
help files say files from earlier versions can be imported to 2007, but I
haven't been able to find the specific instructions. Many thanks.