Re: Does anyone know how to "smudge" the edges of a photograph?

By the way, you can use for example Microsoft Word 2007 for that effect and for easy layouts.
You can also copy & paste from Word to Publisher these images, effects are preserved.

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In addition to John's suggestions you can use Paint.NET for special effects. It is free

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PAMIAM wrote:
I am a real estate agent. I prefer to design my own brochures,
flyers, etc. for my clients. I used Microsoft Publisher for the first
time today. I would like to be able to place special effects, like
smudging the edges, to the photographs. Does anyone know if this or
any other special effects are available and if so, where they are
located....which MS program?
You need image editing software.

MS Digital Image Suite has many
options for enhancing images.

There's a 60 day trial version available for
download if you would like to give it a try:

Microsoft Digital Image
Starter Edition 2006
(this product line has been
discontinued but you can still
down-load the Starter Version
and run it for 60 days)

Unlike the retail version...the trial does not
have the ability to create VCDs and it does
not include the clipart and pre-formatted


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