Re: how to get Word Art along a circular arc?

I have an example of WordArt as a circle here:

Scroll way down.

I have problems visualizing what you are trying to do. Do you want the words on
the bands that go around your Saturn-like circle?

Copy one of the bands, paste special as a .wmf, ungroup, edit the points. Hold
control, place your cursor on the point, it will turn into a "x", click, the
point will delete. Continue until your band fits your circle.

If you copy/paste special your WordArt, you can rotate each letter to fit any

Mary Sauer MSFT MVP

"michalaw" <michalaw@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
I'm designing a logo for our company conference. I'd like the main shape of
the logo to be a circle, with the theme of our annual conference across the
top of the circle. Then I'd like to have 3 big rings going around and
disappearing behind the circle (rather like the rings of Saturn). I have 2
1) I'd like the text to be in an arc that parallels the outline of the
circle - the text will take up about one quarter of the circumference. I've
discovered how to get Word Art to put the text in an arc, but the arc is oval
rather than circular, and doesn't parallel the outline of the circle. Can
anyone explain how I can get the two arcs to be similar?
2) Can anyone suggest a method for creating the 3 "rings"? I've discovered
how to make an arc that curves around the left side of the circle, but then
the right side just shoots off into space. I'd like both sides of each arc
to curve around behind the circle.