Re: Publisher 2007 Getting Started

Well Chuck, I have tried everything I know to keep the Task Pane from being on
the screen when opening Publisher, nothing works. I did manage to delete the
icon you can put on the toolbar through customization. I have to figure out how
to get it back. I reckon you will have to click the "x" when you open Publisher.
If I figure out another way I will let you know.

Mary Sauer MSFT MVP

"Chuck Davis" <newsgroup at anthemwebs dot com> wrote in message

Thanks that worked. I figured with you clue on the other it would be similar
for this one, but I haven't been able to locate a fix:
Even if I close it while working on the document , as soon as I close the
document, it shows up again. Maybe some folks work that way, but I don't
normally create a new document but once a month...

"Mary Sauer" <mary-sauer@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
Not sure which task pane is opening for you. Tools, options, general tab,
clear "Show Publication types when starting Publisher."
If it is the task pane that is on the screen when you open Publisher,
right-click the toolbar, clear task pane.

Mary Sauer MSFT MVP

"Chuck Davis" <newsgroup at anthemwebs dot com> wrote in message
I attended the Las Vegas Launch program yesterday and have successfully
downloaded and installed Microsoft Office Professional 2007. Thank you

When I open Publisher 2007, I get the page "Getting Started with Microsoft
Office Publisher 2007." I simply want to open to a blank one-page document,
and I'll open the document that I want.

How to change?