Re: How do I get the zapf dingbats font to work in Publisher?

"S Miller" <SMiller@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
It's a TrueType font. Font embedding doesn't work because Publisher won't
even recognize the font. The font does appear in the font list; however,
text I highlight and try to change to the Zapf Dingbats symbols font
do anything -- the text remains in Arial or whatever the text was typed

"Ed Bennett" wrote:

S Miller <S Miller@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> was very recently heard
to utter:
I bought the Zapf Dingbats font to use for symbols in documents that
will be sent to a printer. However, when I use the "insert symbol"
feature or type the alpha character that corresponds to the dingbats
symbol I want, MS Publisher does not show the symbol, does not print
the symbol, etc. MS Publisher isn't recognizing the zapf dingbats
symbol font. I'm using MS Publisher XP 2002 version.

Is this a TrueType, OpenType, or Type 1 font?

Are you using font embedding?

Ed Bennett - MVP Microsoft Publisher

Maybe this will help...