Re: Booklet Center Page is Blank

From: Don Schmidt (Engineer_at_PNB.usa)
Date: 04/20/04

Date: Mon, 19 Apr 2004 17:08:39 -0700

If this is a booklet that is 5"x8" then there should be 12 pages (3
8"x11" sheets) and pages 11 & 12 would be blank.

Is there text in the middle pages of your file when displayed on the screen?

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"Tracy" <> wrote in message
> I created a booklet in MS Publisher, but when it's
> printed, the center page comes our blank.  The pages are
> printed in the correct order.  For example, The booklet
> has 10 pages and the center of the pages are blank.
> Does anyone know why this happens?
> Thank you in advance for any assistance.
> Tracy