Re: Pages not uploading

Do the images now load on your home page? YES
Do the links work? YES


When I open the Home page that loads is the old
page with no images. If I navigate to the (say) contacts page then back to
the Home page, the new Home page opens with all the changes and images.
Clicking all the links then takes me to any of the pages with the updated
I know I deleted all the old files before changing the htm coding for the
new links (I checked the memory used on the site for uploaded files) so how
comes the old page is still accessible?

Thanks for all your time and patience. Could not have got here without you.

"DavidF" wrote:

Just ignore the .wmz files. Leave them in there.

The reason the index.htm file, your home page, is not loading the graphic
files is because it is looking to the index_files folder for them, and not
finding them. The problem goes back to why does work, and does not...and
should...and I am not sure of the answer. The problem is the framing. The

Here are some guesses. You have uploaded your files to wrong directory.
is pointing to wrong directory for . Or
perhaps, because of the framing you can not use the subfolder option in

I guess that what I would do next is do away with the subfolder option in
Publisher, and write the links yet once again. First of all, go to the
folder on your C drive where you directed your HTML output when you Publish
to the Web. If you look in the index_files folder, you will note that your
other pages are simply named "contacts.htm" etc. Now, go ahead and delete
the index.htm file and the index_files folder.

Open your Publisher document, go to tools > options > web tab and uncheck
"organize supporting files in a folder". In fact for now, uncheck everything
under Saving. OK. Now Publish to the Web to that folder on your C drive. Go
back to that folder and study the contents. Note that no longer do you have
a subfolder...all the files, graphics etc are all together. More importantly
note that your contacts page is now named "index_contacts.htm" instead of
"contacts.htm". Note your other pages and all your images are now preceded
with "index_" Ok, now you can delete all those files and go back to your
Publisher file. Double click the code fragment box that contains your
textual navbar, and change each link to reflect the new file names. In other
words, instead of write
In fact, you can just copy "index_"and paste it in front of contacts.htm,
and whatwedo.htm, innscribing.htm, etc....each of pages, EXCEPT for the
index.htm file. Copy and paste that edited code fragment box to each of your
pages. Publish to the Web to the folder on your C drive. Delete the
index.htm file and the index_files folder from your webspace, and upload the
new files. Cross your fingers...and hope this works. Do the images now load
on your home page? Do the links work?


"GeePee" <GeePee@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
Hi David
Thanks for the very detailed instructions. Since receiving them, I have
done the following, in no particular order.
. Deleted all the files uploaded to the web - checked both sites to ensure
that only the 'Parent directory' is shown. OK.
. Emptied the recycle bin and temp internet files.
. Noted on uploading that one or two of the graphics were a bit large, so
compressed all of them. The site now only a total of 1.7Mb & uploads in
. I have created a new folder in 'C' into which Publisher can create the
two sub-folders 'index_files' and index.htm - I have then got rid of all
previous related files.

. I have followed your instructions and used the 'Links' code for the
publication - carefully typed the code into the Publisher Web Code
dialog box then copied and pasted into each of the other five pages.

. Uploaded the site unsuccessfully.....

. Went back to the Publisher files and rechecked everything then tried
inserting the 'index_files' code to see if that made a difference - it did

. Have now taken that out and also tried your vertical coding - some of
worked on the Contacts page but for simplicity, I have also deleted that.
. The current position is that if I upload the site, I can now access and
read all of the pages - links are working OK.:-))

I seem to have made a lot of headway!!

There will be some tidying up to do as some of the formatting is a bit
crude, but as long as I know the site is there I can take my time.
The only thing that has to be done immediately is to find out why the
graphics are not loading on the Home page?
Also, could you tell me why a few of the files created by Publisher are
files, which I think are Windows Media files! If I open them there is
there apart from the Win Media screen....Can I delete them? Or rather
I delete them?
Could not have done this without you - very much appreciated!

"DavidF" wrote:

Hi Graham,

Color me embarrassed. I couldn't understand why you used the .aspx
extension, until I went back to David Bartosik's article about building
textual menus. I must admit, that it has been a couple years since I
actually read the article, and I had forgotten that David used this in
example. Sorry about that. That's the bad news.

The good news is that you are getting there.

First, change each ".aspx" to ".htm" .
Second, make sure you spell things correctly. You misspelled "lesley" for
the contacts page and "innscribing". A hint - once you get one path
correctly, copy and paste, and then just edit the parts that
errors and faster that way
Third, change "default.aspx" to "index.htm" - that is your home page.

With those changes you have:

<a href="";>Home</a> |
<a href="";>contacts</a>
<a href="";>whatwedo</a>
href="";>committee</a> |
<a href="";>links</a> |

These links work...mostly.

For cosmetics, perhaps you might prefer:

<a href="";>Home</a> |
<a href="";>Contacts</a>
<a href="";>What We Do<a>
href="";>Committee</a> |
<a href="";>Links</a> |

You can put spaces and upper case in the TEXT part of this code
snippet....just not the URL.

Now for some confusing news. Though the code snippet works, it shouldn't
If your site was performing as I would have expected, then you would have
had to add "index_files" to each path/URL written, except for the home
(index.htm). The contacts.htm page should be in the index_files folder
with all your images and graphics. And yet, the page and the images load
when you go to:

The link should be:
and yet that doesn't work.

To review, if you have not changed the defaults within Publisher, when
Publish to the Web and produce your HTML output, you get an "index.htm"
file, which is your home page, and a "index_files" folder, containing all
your graphics and the other files/pages in your site...contacts.htm, etc.
This means that if you uploaded the index.htm file and the index_files
folder to your root directory on your host, then the following code
should be correct:

<a href="";>Home</a> |
We Do<a> |

And while I am at it, here is a vertical version:

<a href="";>Home</a> <br>
We Do<a> <br>

Copy and paste. Then, go up to your site, and delete all the old
HTML files and folders, and upload fresh output from Publisher.

Sorry about adding to your confusion. I need to go back and read all
articles again, so I don't make that mistake next time. Let me know if


"GeePee" <GeePee@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
David, Thanks for the very helpful guidance. As you suggested, i have
studying your instructions and the article about building my own

This is how the coding looks for the navbar now:

<a href="";>Home</a> |
href="";>contacts</a> |
<a href="";>links</a> |

BUT, it does not look anything like your last post (should the bit
the talktalk url be "index_files/ " in each line?)

viz "";

I know the site/files are not ready to be uploaded, but I have done so,
so that you, if you wish can have a look at them, if you have time.

The links do not work either as a preview on my PC in Explorer nor on
web, so again I have messed up !

One of my other problems is that I cannot give a massive amount of time
this project as I have other work and responsibilities, so each time I
back to it I have to virtually start afresh. Perhaps that's the

So where do I go from here, please?

Thanks for all your time.


"DavidF" wrote:

I am not sure what all you have done, but at
at it appears that you are still
the navbar wizard. To reiterate, you CANNOT use the navbar wizard when
site is framed. It writes relative links. You have to hand build a
system with absolute links. Right now if you hover your mouse over any
the links, you will notice not only relative links (
The%20Innscribers%20web%20site_files/contacts.htm), but also another are using spaces, which show up as "%20". You can't use
when writing a link/path to a file. Furthermore you should not have
the index_files folder "The Innscribers web site_files".

You need to go back and read the article about building your own
navbar, and study it and the example I gave you on how to write the
links. Then delete the wizard built navbar, and either use the