Re: Enterprise Calendars in Project Server 2007

Jerry --

The default permissions in Project Server 2007 do not allow project managers to create their own custom calendars. Since you have a good working relationship with your Project Server administrator, ask him/her to do one of the following to help you with your unique scheduling needs:

1. Change the permission that denies project managers the ability to create local Base calendars so that they can do this.


2. Create a custom enterprise calendar in the Project Server system that you can use for your project.

Either one of these will solve your problem for you. Hope this helps.

Dale A. Howard [MVP]
VP of Educational Services
"We write the books on Project Server"

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Jerry --

Only the Project Server administrator can modify enterprise calendars, and
he/she must start the editing process from the Enterprise Calendars page in
PWA. Are you the Project Server administrator? If not, what are you
attempting to do with this enterprise calendar? Let us know and we will try
to help.

Dale A. Howard [MVP]
VP of Educational Services
"We write the books on Project Server"

"Jerry" <jmcken...@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message


> I'm trying to use an Enterprise calendar created in Project Server
> 2007 to control working time through the Change Working Time tool in
> Project Professional and it's not working. What's the best way to do
> this?

> Thank you,
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Hi Dale,

Thanks for responding to my post. I'm use to customizing the calendar
in Project Professional to show exceptions on a project-specific
basis. It sounds like in order to do the same thing in Project Server
2007, I'm going to have to create a custom enterprise calendar for
each project.

I work very closely with our Project Server admin, so I can pass along
the info regarding what needs to be done in PWA.

Thanks again and have a great holiday weekend!

Jerry McKenzie