Re: Setting Resource Availability MSP 07 bug


we have standard images, which we install "fresh" on each course. And even
on new installed image this bug appears.

It works on my home pc correctly, though.

Probably it's something between XP and MSP... reinstalling MSP didn't help,
installing SP2 didn't work either.

As I said to JulieS.... Will wait for Win7 to come (it's matter of few
weeks) and hope it works..

Milan Bortel

GOPAS Computer Training Center
Brno, Czech Republic

"Rob Schneider" wrote:

Hunch: It's probably not a bug in Project as others in world would have
seen this by now. Maybe the will fix if the flawed file is updated.
It's surely something with your installation of Project, Windows, and


: reinstall Project
: install Project with all SP's on a "fresh" Windows machine (not
touched by your students)

You previously said that it worked on one machine. That machine now no
longer working? What changed. Or what is different about that machine?


Milan Bortel wrote:
Hi Mike,

it's like this - we have 12 computers in class and the bug occurs on every
pc, no matter what project file you have opened. Even in new created ones.

So I guess it's the Project fault.

We'll try to install SP2 and see if it helps.

I'll let you know.



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