Re: Creating an MS Project for tasks not related to each other

Project isn't the tool for you! Project is used to schedule projects which by definition have a specific start and end point. What you've described is an ongoing series of unrelated jobs. These can probably be tracked thru a standard support system.

Unless I have what you want wrong? If so, what problem are you trying to solve? What defines success for you?


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Hi there,

I am new to using MS Project and would like a bit of advise on how
people would approach the creation of a MS Project to deal with the
following scenario:

Where I work we have 6 programmers all working on different tasks,
these tasks are not really dependant on each other so as a result each
programmer works on whatever task they have whenever they have the

They all have 2 and a half days a week put aside for support work to
help solve queries from other people around the business, in addition to
these 2 and a half days, half of every Thursday is dedicated to quick
win solutions for various tasks.

My query is how is the best way to set up Project and its calendars and
resources so that these 2.5 support days are automatically excluded from
the available days for the programmers to work on their tasks. Secondly,
how should the tasks be entered seeing as none of them are dependant on
any other tasks having first been completed. Each tasks has an estimated
length of say several days so I would gather this would mean they are
work driven.

When each programmer begins working on a task how is the best way to
enter the times they have worked on each task, considering they could
work for a couple of hours each day on several different tasks. This
means I do not have an estimated start date for any of them (just that
any of the tasks could start on or after a specific date) but still need
to know how long all the tasks together will take based on their
estimated time and be able to produce a timeline view so they are able
to get a visual representation of their work load.

I hope this is enough information for people to suggest their

Many thanks!

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