Re: Editable tables and cells


You cannot edit Actual Cost values until a task is 100% complete - Project
will calculate actual cost based upon the task % complete and the original
assigned resource cost and any fixed cost. Once a task is complete you can
enter the Actual cost to be whatever you want as opposed to what Microsoft
Project calculates the actual cost to have been.

Dominic Moss

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"Rob Schneider" <rmschne@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message

"Total Cost" in the cost table is actually the "Cost" field. in the table
they use the label "Total Cost" for some reason. Hover the mouse pointer
on the heading, and you can see the link to "Help on Cost" and see there
where this is is shown as a "calculated or entered" field. Same is true
for the Baseline cost which is "calculated or entered". Read in these Help
articles more about this to get your questions answered.


Lars wrote:
Hi All,

I am getting back into MSP after some time of abstinence, and I have an
issue that I can't figure out. I have a test project that I have saved
with a baseline to do some trackning exercises. In the Cost table I can
edit the "Total Cost" and "Baseline Cost" columns, which I think I
should't be able to do. At the same time I can't edit the "Actual"
column, which I thougt I should be able to....

Any clues?