Re: Can you save the project file to a "pdf" file?

N Fergy wrote:
I am creating project files in the Microsoft Project version 2003. A great deal of the people that I have to send the file, via email, do not have Project loaded on their computers, so they cannot read the attached file. Is there anyway that the Project file can be save to a PDF file?

"crpmst" gave good advice. In addition, it is always a bad idea to give people the Project MPP file. Especially when they don't know how to use Project. The first thing that will happen when they open your file is that Project will recompute the schedule and it won't be the same schedule that you sent. Never send the MPP file unless there is a reason to do so.

Instead: send them:

: PDF of a few special views: Gantt Chart, Milestons, Summary Progress, Resource profiles.

: Use the little "camera" icon to take a snapshot of the Gantt chart view into a GIF file that you can paste into email

: Write a report. Embedd with figures and tables *and* tell you story. Control the message.