RE: How microsoft project calculate weightage of the items?

Project will calculate 3 types of %Complete.

%Complete. This calculates %Complete for each individual task weighted by
duration (%Complete*Duration)

%WorkComplete. This calculates the sum of %WorkComplete*Work for each task.
It is weighted by Work.

Physical%Complete. This calculates the sum of Physical%Complate*(Budgeted
Cost of Work Scheduled) it is based on money (essentiall). This requires
resources to be assigned with $/hr in the work rate. You also need a

There seems to be many posts on "I know my %Complete, but what should my
%Complete be if I am on schedule"??

Here is a copy of a post I made last week on the topic:

You can copy the existing %Complete to a spare column, say text1. Highlight
the tasks you desire, then select the "Update As Scheduled" icon from the
Tracking Toolbar (View/Toolbars/Tracking). This will make the assumption
that you are on schedule compared to your forecast and project will give you
the "where you should be %Complete". Remember to put it back by copying
text1 back to %Complete. That's the easy way. You could write a Macro that
will establish the same value and place the result of that calculation into
text1 instead.

To properly status the schedule, first establish a [Status Date]. Verify
all tasks with [Start]<[Status Date] have a %Complete > 0. Also, for all
tasks with [Finish]<[Status Date] they should be 100%, if they are not 100%
complete, extend the task to the right of the [Status Date]. There also can
be no tasks with [Actual Start] or [Actual Finish] greater than the [Status
Date]. This is proper schedule preparation.

If you have properly costed resources assigned to your schedule, a status
date, and a baseline, then you should insert the Schedule Performance Index
[SPI] column. The [SPI] measures what you have actually accomplished divided
by what you scheduled to accomplish as your baseline -- a measure of 1.00
would be on schedule. SPI>1 ahead, SPI<1 behind. Explore Earned Value in
the help for more information.

Another choice, insert the [Status] column. [Status] will tell you if the
task is "complete", "future task", "late", "on schedule." Please note
[status] considers ahead of schedule to be "on schedule"

A formula can be applied to calculate the %Complete where you should be as
of the status date. The formula must address times when [Status] is (1) Prior
to [Start], (2)during the duration of a task, and, (3) after [Finish]. The
following formula can be applied to a spare column such as [Text1]:

str(IIf([Status Date]<[Start],"0",IIf([Status
Date]>[Finish],"1",ProjDateDiff([Start],[Status Date])/[Duration]))*100)+"%"

The formula can be used to compare with the %Complete field which is also a
duration based calculation.

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"huazhou" wrote:

I am a beginner for Microsoft project. I would like to ask the project
calculate the weightage of items based on time or work to work out the
I want to know the plan %completion of the project, and actual %completion
of the project. I use the original formula ,someone leave to me, and I find
something is wrong and cannot show the actual site progress.
In my opinion the plan %completion should base on time to work out the
percentage and actual % completion should base on work to work out the
percentage. Now the problem is what steps should I follow to get both these
figure?? Thanks a lot.