Re: Customized view table and print out

Hi Majid,

You're welcome for the assistance thus far and thanks for the feedback.

From your description it sounds as though you created a new *table* and
applied it to the Gantt Chart view. A table is the spreadsheet-like text on
the left side of the Gantt. So although you created a table, the view name
is still Gantt chart. It is the name of the *view* (Gantt chart) which can
be shown in the header. The only way to show the "Project Summary Table" in
the header is to call the view Project Summary View.

So, take the Gantt chart view, apply the Project Summary table you created.
Go to Views > More Views, select the Gantt Chart in the list and click the
Copy button. In the View Definition dialog box, change the name from Copy
of &Gantt Chart to "Project Summary View". The screen should be Gantt
Chart. Make sure the table you created (Project Summary) is shown as the
table. Leave the group to No Group and leave the All Tasks filter on.

Click OK to close the View Definition dialog box and return to the More
Views dialog box. Your new view should be selected in the list, click
Apply. With the "Project Summary View" applied, go to File > Page Setup and
add the View Name to the header.

I hope this helps. Let us know how you get along.


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"Majid Sheikhan - ratiopharm"
<MajidSheikhanratiopharm@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
Hello again JulieS
I followed your instrucation and is printing "Gantt Chart" as a view name!
What I have done is:
View, table, more table and editted one of the tables and named it to
"project summary"
Now, what I am expecting is to be able to print the view name in this case
is "project summary" to the header
How can I do that?
I even do not know what table I have selected initially and editted to
"project summary"
Please advise the best solution and thank you
"Majid Sheikhan - ratiopharm" wrote:

Thank you Julies and sorry for getting back to you earlier

"JulieS" wrote:

Hi Majid,

My answers and a few questions are embedded.

"Majid Sheikhan - ratiopharm"
<MajidSheikhanratiopharm@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
Hello Dear,
I have created few customized view tables. We need to have the view
name to be printed on the header.

I'm not sure I follow what you mean by a "view table name." Tables are
applied to views, but the view retains its original name (Gantt, Task
Sheet, etc) unless you have renamed the view or created a new view with
a different name.

You can add a View name to the header through File > Page Setup, click
on the header tab. Click the Alignment tab (left, right, or center) and
under General, select View Name from the drop down list and click the
Add button. This will show the name of the view in the section of the
header you selected. Unless you have named the view the same as the
Table name applied to the view, you will just see the view name.

You will need to repeat the steps above for each view to add the View
Name to the header.

At present, I am adding the view name manually each time I am
different view tables.
It is very time consuming specially when the file is
saved as per latest printout.

The directions above should solve this. Change the header, save the
file and the changes in the view should be saved. The next time show
the view, go to print preview, the change in header will be there.

It was good if we could see all the view table names in the print
section so we could choose one easily.

I don't follow. The header is for each view. You cannot choose a view
to print from print preview.

Your feedback is greatly appreciated
I hope this helps. Let us know how you get along.


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