Re: Task Delegation Problem

Ravikumar --

You are more than welcome, my friend! :)

Dale A. Howard [MVP]
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"Ravikumar G" <RavikumarG@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
Thanks and sorry for posting in the wrong area. I have done this but not
worked for me. Later I changed the permission settings of my resources to
allow the users to view assignment, and now its working. thanks for your
quick help.

"Dale Howard [MVP]" wrote:

Ravikumar G --

In the future, please post your question in the
microsoft.public.project.server newsgroup, as this newsgroup is devoted
the Microsoft Project desktop application only. To answer your question,
the following:

1. Log into PWA with administrator permissions
2. Click Admin - Manage Security
3. Select the My Tasks category and click the Modify Category button
4. In the Resources section, select the "All current and future
resources..." option
5. Click the Save Changes button

Hope this helps.

Dale A. Howard [MVP]
Enterprise Project Trainer/Consultant
"We wrote the book on Project Server"

"Ravikumar G" <Ravikumar G@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
Hi All,

Am using the MSP 2003 and Proj Prof 2003 combo. I have added few
from active directory and have one project created from a PM account.
assigned resource when trying to delegate the task, first it did not
delegate option. Then we enable delegation in global permissions and
respective in category permissions. After getting the Delegate option
enabled, when clicking on the task, it says

"There are no resources available to delegate tasks.

You either do not have permissions to see the assignments of any
or there are currently no resources in the Project Server database
your account. Contact your server administrator. "

pl help me in this.. what could be a problem in making a team member
eligible to delegate a task.