Re: Resource Usage Chart (how to NOT display zero hours worked)

Have you done the checks I suggested?

Mike Glen
Project MVP

Kellie F. wrote:
> It's actually a zero, not an "O". It's technically correct with the
> zeros, but it's just not what I prefer. There has to be a way for me
> to set preferences for this, but I cannot seem to find it.
> "Mike Glen" wrote:
>> Hi Kellie ,
>> Welcome to this Microsoft Project newsgroup :-)
>> I don't know where all the Oh's are coming from - there are none on
>> any of mine. I suspect corruption of some sort. You could try the
>> suggestions in FAQ Item: 43. File Bloat? - Might be Corruption.
>> FAQs, companion products and other useful Project information can be
>> seen at this web address:
>> If not, we need to discover whether your project is at fault,
>> whether it is Project at fault, or whether it's your PC. Does the
>> symptom occur with other projects on this PC? Does it occur with
>> this project on other PCs? Does it occur with other projects on
>> other PCs?
>> Hope this helps - please let us know how you get on :-))
>> Mike Glen
>> MS Project MVP
>> F. wrote:
>>> I've done a resource usage chart, but on all the days where there is
>>> no work to be done, it says "0h". Is there any way it could be left
>>> blank instead of saying "0h"? If there is no way to do that, is
>>> there a way to do conditional formatting, e.g., bolding or
>>> highlighting all non-zero hours?
>>> The chart is almost impossible to read as it is right now. "0h"
>>> looks a lot like "8h" when you're looking at a gigantic 11x17 chart.
>>> Please help!! I've spent many, many hours on this chart,thinking
>>> I'd figure out how to fix this problem, but I haven't had any luck.
>>> I'd hate for it all to be for nothing. Thank you in advance!!


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