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> Is there a way to show the resource % time on the project in the resource
> sheet?
> i.e. if the project is scheduled for 10 days and he/she spent 1 day = 1%
> I can think of several ways...
> e.g.
> total work in project/total work for resource A
> total duration in project/total duration for resource A
> project duration/hours assigned/24
> cheers,

Is this a question or a suggestion? If it is a question, I guess the
answer is probably "yes" although I'm not sure I see a whole lot of
value in the answer unless you are giving out awards/bonuses based on
time spend working on a project.

With regard to the suggested approaches, the first is the only valid
one. Tasks have Duration, Resources have effort (expressed as work
hours). Therefore there is no "duration" for resources so the second
suggested formula doesn't compute. A similar argument applies to the
third suggestion. Don't confuse Duration hours with Work hours (many
people do). Duration is simply the time span (Start to Finish) during
which a task will be performed. Work is the effort in hours one or more
resources will spend on the task. If a single resource is assigned at
100% and has the same calendar as the task, then Work hours will equal
Duration hours, and this is often the case but certainly not the general

Hope this helps.
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