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Well the reason is that i am importing data from db and at that time
these tasks do not have Start and End dates. User can modify some of
the Task and give them Start and End date. Now for remaining task which
do not have Start and End dates, I do not want to update the db with
default dates.

My real question is how to identify that no Start or End date has been
assigned for the Task? By nature of project it uses default dates and I
can not distinguish that if user has assigned this date or Project has
assigned this date?

Thanks for Helping and I hope i am clear this time.


No, it isn't too clear. First you said you are importing FROM the
database (I assume that means from some database into Project) and then
you later say, "...I do not want to update the database with default
dates". The implies going the other direction. So my question remains.
What are you trying to do?

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