Re: Pocket PC as a web server

just a quick follow-up:I've thoroughly tested it on my iPAQ 210. Works
just great, highly recommended!

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BTW, in the meantime, I've played quite a bit with the free (!) Web
server ServersMan available at . I've found it
excellent. If you do enable public Web access (it's disabled by
default), it can function as a Web server for anyone. What's better,
it does NOT require a direct IP and works even via firewalled
connections. A MUST try, I'd say.

Note that I could only test it on the iPhone (have left most my WinMo
phones at work and it's 1AM here and didn't want to wait until
tomorrow with writing this reply); nevertheless, the WinMo version is
stated to have the same functionality as that of the iPhone. I can't
guarantee this, though. Let me know if you have any problem running it
and I'll investigate it too ASAP.

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I set up my WinMo phone as a web server once, just for grins. I
used this:
It worked just great.

Thanks for the link and to tell the truth I wanted to find out two

1. After messing with WMWiFiRouter and seeing it had a way to
forward ports I wanted to find out for sure if Sprint was blocking
incoming ports even with a Static IP address on my phone and it looks
like they still block those ports.

2. To find a way to put up a web server that doesn't make any noise
whatsoever. I have looked into using a netbook with a flash drive
but the fan in the netbook was too loud. I ended up using an old
slow laptop because it made less noise than a netbook with a flash

BTW the vxWeb mentioned by Werner was pretty cool but it needed 3
things before I'd use it regularly.

1. A way to blank the screen. FYI WMWiFiRouter lets you blank the
screen when you use it so it should be possible.

2. A way to tell it only to respond to a specific domain name just
like you can do with Windows XP Professional.

3. A way to e-mail or send the log files somewhere else to avoid
writing too much data to a flash drive.

As a side note I found this about vxWeb
"vxWeb Can Be Crashed By Remote Users"

But they are talking about vxWeb version 1.1.4 and I have version
1.1.8 so it could be fixed.