Re: Shocked at How Much Just Doesn't Work

doug ransom <yeah.right@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote...

> I have been using a PPC for 4 months. I am shocked at how hard stuff is
> and how much stuff you would expect to work just doesn't. I thought
> pretty much everyone who wanted a PDA had one and I would be a late
> majority person using a stable device as a workhorse: Use it for
> gettings things done (GTD) lists, as a portable calendar and address
> book, and as a toy too (photo album, surfing web from couch),

Doug have youi tried the Palm? Palms WORK and the reason I chose one over a
PPC. PPC's have many features and are cool and such, but if you are serious
about work, and need a powerful PIM that works, and you need access to your
Word and Excel files and need a easy sync to your desktop I'd go with the Palm
Pilots. I just bought a Zire 72 (after 2 years of excellent usage from my
VIIx). My Viix just worked and it did everything I needed. My new Zire 72
multimedia and a color screen which are really nice.

> * Outlook. Try and sync your calendar at work to exchange and home to
> outlook without exchange, so your family can view your calendar. It
> doesn't work. Try it and you will go mad.

Get a Palm and ask them about the Outlook Conduits

> * VPN. Good grief. Try and figure out how to set up a vpn to your home
> so you can safely sync over 802.11 from your couch. Find the
> instructions with screen caps and see if they make any sense.

Dont know if Palm can do VPN
> * Networking. Those menus and stuff make no sense. No useful error
> messages when things go bad. The dialogs just close like everything is
> ok. The whole networking app makes no sense to me, doesn't match the
> user stories: Connect to work via VPN or USB. Connect to home via VPN
> or USB. Connect to internet at home via 802.11. COnnect to work via
> 802.11.

Palms cannot access a PC network to the best of my knowledge. But anyways
would use a laptop or desktop for such uses.

> * Charging on a USB. Plug it in, go to bed. Wake up and find your PPC
> has been up all night and not charged because a reminder popped up.

Not with a Palm

> * Note recording. Start the ppc from an off state with the recording
> button (Axim x50 has this), you never know where the sound recording
> will go - depends if a dialog popped up or was left open last time.

On the Palm you always kno where it will go and it will sync with your desktop
esily and without hasles

> Your recording might end up in some task!
> * Unusable error messages like 80010041b. A good DCOM programmer can
> recognize this has a COM error code, but can't fix it.
> * Reboots required sometimes.

I've never rebooted my new Zire 72 in response to a system crash

> * Occasional memory error. No idea what this means. Is the device
> pooched? Did the battery get too low? No usesul error message.
> * Pocket IE does a poor rendering of many web pages, even ones with good
> CSS i.e.

Palm cant do this that well, but thats why we have laptops. Palm will never
replace a laptop. Tragicially PPC's try and fail miserably.

Doug I suggest you at least try using a Palm device and see how you like it.
I've been using them for 5 years and have had fe problems. Granted its not a
mini laptop,but neither is a PPC. The difference is that knows their
devices are not laptop replacements, Pocket PC companies do not.

> * Pocket ie images frequently don't show up.
> * No user-agent switcher for the odd site that thinks only IE6 is
> suitable to view their site for security resons (or whatever).
> * No useful personal knowledge managager (i.e. a wiki like tool to
> share documents/notes like to the size of your furnace filter) between
> home pc, work pc, and pocket pc.
> * No easy way to mark a document on your pc as to be available on your
> PDA. You have to copy it to special pace every time you edit it.
> * It was also a real drag to import outlook contacts from mozilla
> thunderbird. You can find out how to do this, but the contact titles get
> munged and you have to edit them all. You would think outlook would
> have a "welcome back " feature. If you buy a PPC, you are married to
> outlook. Its superior to t-bird anyway from a usability standpoint.
> I like having the device for a portable calendar/task list/contacts, but
> I am really frustrated with the difficulty of use. I expected all the
> problems to not exist when I bought the device. I am beginning to think
> that all software in general is hard to use because programmers code to
> requirements instead of user-stories
> or use cases
> ..
> I haven't dared syncing email yet. Can I sync home and work emails
> seperately?
> Doug Ransom
> James B wrote:
> > Your right, no solution. It sucks big time as we also use encrypted email
> > between certain users who POP to the server and are sending sensitive
> > Only solution, not much of one, is to OWA with the PPC to see those emails
> > or RDP to the desktop. Opinion here but it is pretty lame of MS not to
> > support it since they claim they are wanting to be so secure and security
> > aware.
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> >>search of the group to make sure I"m correct here. I don't think you are
> >>going to be able to handle encrypted mail on your PPC.
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> >>>I use Windows encrypted email at work by mandate, due to handling of
> >>>sensitive data. Some of the messages that come in to my inbox on the
> >>>PocketPC
> >>>that are encrypted in Outlook are blank, with an attachment of
> >>>'smime.p7m'.
> >>>Is there any support for applications on the PocketPC that would allow
> >
> > me
> >
> >>>to
> >>>read that email?
> >>
> >>
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