Re: Dumb Question-WEP

From: Nigel Kendrick (
Date: 03/02/04

Date: Tue, 2 Mar 2004 20:00:49 -0000

"TMG" <> wrote in message
> Re: IPAQ 5455 + WinMobile 2003 w/WLAN driver
> I haven't had to worry about security until now that I see 4 other
> wireless networks in my neighborhood are available. I use a Belkin
> 54g wireless router. When I select 128bit WEP in the router and
> generate hex pairs using a passphrase, all is well. When I select WEP
> on my IPAQ and ok,ok,ok,X soft reset, I get a connected indication
> with the arrows but the IE browser keeps saying "page not available".
> When I disable WEP at both sources, all works fine again. How do I
> WEP enable this PDA?
> Thanks

Sounds like you're close.

Make sure the WEP keys you use are both in the same case (upper or lower)
and, if possible, generate the keys using a passphrase at one end and then
key in the hex values generated at the other. If you want to verify that
your WEP config is/should be working, try manually entering the keys using,
say all 1s for one key, 2s for the next etc. and then duplicating these at
the other end.

Let us know how you get on.