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"Lisa Pearlson" <no@xxxxxxxx> wrote:

Thanks Scott, so there's no API to 'claim full screen until aplication
exits' ?

Not that I've ever seen or heard of. Such an API would strike me as a
security risk since one of the things that can steal focus is the "enter
password" dialog to unlock a device, but that's just me.

How do video games do this?

I've never seen a game that does that. Some will grab all keys, but
I've never run across a game that was such a bad citizen as to not
allow other apps to grab focus when they wanted it. I'd imagine a game
designed for a phone that didn't allow phone calls wouldn't be too

How about DirectX (DirectDraw) APIs?
And only way to catching send/end keys is GxOpenInput?

Windows Mobile doesn't support DirectInput, so the only way is to use

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