WMDC Troubleshooting (Guide)

With all the issues around WMDC, I figured I would try to put my 2
cents to solve some of the issues some people may be seeing, so here
goes, feel free to post about other items that may work, or those that
I have suggested that do not work:

Connectivity (The lights are on but no one is home...)

Issue: connects Windows Mobile device to Vista PC, drivers install,
but WMDC does not initiate. May have a newly purchased machine with
Vista pre-loaded.

1) Check Device Manager - Microsoft Windows Mobile Remote Adapter
a. Go to Device Manager
b. Look under "Network Adapters"
c. Check properties - Driver

Incorrect Driver:
Version: 6.0.6000.16386
Date: 6/21/2006

Correct Driver:
Version: 6.1.6783.0 (or later)
Date: 1/24/2007 (or later)

The incorrect driver version can be updated by going to the driver
tab, then select "Update Driver" this should initiate a connection
with the internet and download the newer driver version.

After the update, you may need to unplug, then re-plug the device into
the USB ports, then manually select ActiveSync on the phone to
initiate the WMDC process. Once initiated the EULA for the WMDC will
display and the user will need to accept the EULA before the WMDC will
download and be functional.


Issue: WMDC is available, can be initiated by going to the Control
Panel, then opening "Windows Mobile Device Center", however the device
will not connect to the WMDC (may or may not be able to be initiated
since the WMDC is downloaded on first connect). The quickest way to
determine if the firewall is interfering with the WMDC is to
completely disable the Firewall/Anti-Virus software to see if
connection functionality is achieved.


The following ports need to be open in order for the WMDC to operate
properly (nearly identical to AS version 4.x)

- port990: open inbound TCP
- port999: open inbound TCP
- port5678: open inbound TCP
- port5679: open outbound UDP
- port5721: open inbound TCP
- port26675: open inbound TCP

The following processes should be allowed if there are issues with
firewall/anti-virus software.

- C:\Windows\WindowsMobile\wmdc.exe
- C:\Windows\WindowsMobile\wmdHost.exe
- C:\Windows\WindowsMobile\wmdsyncman.dll


Issue: can only copy/browse files on the device. (pre-WM2003)

Resolution: WMDC only supports sync'ing for devices that are Windows
Mobile 2003 and higher, previously devices may work, but only for file


When using a Windows Mobile 2003 to connect to the Windows Mobile
Device Center there is a specific service that must be running.
Services running are listed in the Control Panel under Classic View,
then Administrated Tools, Services. This is also the mode used if
your device has the ability to "Disabled Advanced networking

Windows Mobile 2003 - based device connectivity

Startup should be set to Automatic (Delayed Start or Automatic), if
this service is not enabled then a Windows Mobile 2003 will not be
able to be connected to WMDC. The service name for this is WcesComm.

Windows Mobile 5 devices connect to the WMDC using a different service
than the WM2003 based devices.

Windows Mobile-based device connectivity

Without this service enabled Windows Mobile devices will not be able
to connect to the WMDC. The dependency for this service is the
Windows Mobile 2003 - based connectivity. The service name is

Feel free to use this info, however you wish...please post results...