Re: unable to access share on host machine via ActiveSync

Instead of plain USB ActiveSync, create either a BT PAN or a Wi-Fi p2p
network between your PDA and PC to access your shares - they will work 100%.
Let me know if you need linsk to tutorials that explain how this can be

"Kevin" <kdriedger@xxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
I would have thought this would be easy but...

Until a few days ago, my pocketPC2003 was able to access a share on my
host machine. Unfortunately, the machine needed to be cold-booted and
it is no longer able to see any machines on my network.

I have tried to change every setting I can think of, both on the host
and the device but to no avail. I have tried uninstalling AS 4.1
several times (and even tried v3.8--no luck) and still it tells me "The
network path was not found". My firewall is turned off.

I am in the late stages of a development that depends on network
connectivity, and I am beginning to panic. Please, if anyone has any
ideas of what might cause this problem, I would be forever in your

details: connections both set to "My Work Network", with "This network
connects to the internet", host Active Sync This Computer Connected to:
"Work Network".


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