Re: How to recover partnership?

There is no recovery for a partnership. I suggest that you delete the
partnership on the desktop using File - Delete Partnership. Do you have any
other devices you are synchronizing with this PC? If you do then it could
be a naming conflict because ActiveSync 3.x only allows one device with a
specific name to connect to a PC even if you are using different profiles.

Chris De Herrera

"William Humphrey" <wmahumphrey@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
> My work PC was just replaced - moved from laptop w/ Win 2k to one w/ Wino
> XP Pro. All of my Outlook files were migrated for me, but none of my
> applications. I just downloaded and installed ActiveSync 3.8.
> When I insert my PDA, it starts the wizard to create a new partnership.
> When I get to the partnership name, it gives an error that the name is
> already in use. Nothing at all was done to the PDA (Toshiba e355) in the
> meantime. How do I recover/recreate my partnership? The on-line help for
> ActiveSync is, to be blunt, of extremely limited value.
> Thanks in advance...
> Bill H