Re: Outlook 2007 - Out of Office reply (inside and outside domain)

Thank you Gordon, for this answer.
We have the setting for Out-of-office set on the server to go inside and
outside the domain. We want people to be able to choose if they wish to sent
auto-replies outside the organization. In Outlook, when I go into Tools,
Out-of-office assistant, my setting is set for OFF for outside my
organization. I have a choice to turn it on but have chosen not to turn it
on. The auto-replies are still going to people outside the organization.
Please help - we want to reduce the auto-receipts going to spammers.

Thank you.

"Gordon" wrote:

"Debra" <Debra@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
I am working for an organization that is using Outlook 2007. When I set up
the Out-of-Office Assistant, I am making sure that Outside My Organization
turned off. Yet, when an e-mail comes in from outside my domain, they are
getting the Out-of-office reply.
Please help - I do not want my out-of-office to go to anyone outside my
Thank you. Debra

That's an Exchange setting (AFAIK - I'm not an Exchange expert AT ALL!) not
a local one.

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