Re: UUEncoded Attachments - Can't see in Outlook 2003

outlook should decode them for you automatically - but something is apparently preventing outlook from doing so. Which OS do you use and do you have all the latest updates installed for both the OS and Outlook? Did it recently start doing this?

I don't think applies but it might be worth installing it anyway. However, it will not help attachments already downloaded.

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"seven_percent" <Daniel.Gullo@xxxxxxxxx> wrote in message news:67f6a34a-ac34-47e3-8463-8600ea30fd63@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
I receive file attachments that are UUEncoded in Outlook 2003.
However, they are not decoded by Outlook; i.e. the body of the message
is the typical:

Begin 600 filename.ext

My search for this has turned up a plethora of articles on how to send
attachments using UUEncoding. However, with receiving these, not so

Can anyone help?


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