Re: "Your IMAP server closed the connection."

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I have also changed "server timeouts" to 10 minutes and this does not help.
I wish Outlook would have an option to allow this message to be turned off.

You have identified the crux of the problem -- The IMAP protocol
specifically allows the server to drop the connection, and suggests that
clients handle it gracefully rather then whining to the user.

Outlook doesn't.

Microsoft was informed of this as far back as the 90s, and has decided
to opt for user-unfriendliness.

All that being said, if your IMAP server leaves connections for at least
30 minutes (the IMAP spec's suggested minimum idle time) then you
shouldn't see this issue much unless you have some networking gear that
kills idle connections (many cheapo SOHO NAT boxes do, unfortunately)

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