Re: how do u log out of outlook

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I'm a new user to outlook and i would like to know how do you log out of
outlook and close your account out without no one being able to get back in?

Exit Outlook. Then you aren't connected (actually you are only connected when mail polls occur).

Don't save a password in the account defined in Outlook. Then if, for some reason, you decide to share a Windows login with someone else (but obviously giving them their own account would be far more secure, especially to your private data), they still wouldn't know the password to connect to your mail server - unless, because you let them share your account or give them an admin account, they install a keylogger to capture your keystrokes to enter the password that you will get prompted to enter each time for the first mail poll in an Outlook session.

The mail server will require your login credentials. Your e-mail client does not stay continuous connected but instead periodically polls for new mails or you you perform a manual mail poll, and each time it connects in a mail poll then it must send the login credentials. If you are afraid of someone sniffing your network traffic then use a mail server that provides for SSL connects (securely encrypted). This would establish an SSL connect between you and the mail server so your login credentials are encrypted. Otherwise, your login credentials get sent as plain text.

Even if your mail provider provides SSL connects to their mail server, that is only used for the login. The mail via the DATA command is still sent as plain text. If you want to also protect your messages then get a mail security certificate to encrypt your messages. Well, to be accurate, you need the recipient's public key for their mail certificate so you can encrypt your message and only they with their private key can decrypt it. You encrypt your message using their public key. Only they have the private key to decrypt it. Likewise, if you want them to send you encrypted mails, you will need to send them a mail with your security certificate (just the public key portion) so they can encrypt using it and only you can decrypt using your private key.