Re: 7 days worth of mail

I meant perhaps turn Archive on, might make life easier, re organising your

"Charles Shapiro" <lvsysop@xxxxxxx> wrote in message
Checked archive, all the folders in there were empty. Archiving was not
turned on, although Outlook does ask every once in a while.

Never thought to look in view, there is an option to show "last 7 days".



"DL" <address@invalid> wrote in message
You might want to check your View settings, ie to show more than last 7
PS thought of Archiving?

"Charles Shapiro" <lvsysop@xxxxxxx> wrote in message
All of a sudden Outlook (2003) will only show 7 days worth of mail in
Inbox. At the bottom is says there are 17,000 messages, but I can't

I have checked all the options I know to check.

What is causing this and how can I fix it?




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