Re: Can't see Photo attachments in Outlook 2003

Hello Diane

Could I ask a question related to the sending of photo attachments in
Outlook 2003.

My aunty checks her emails from the Pacific Islands and can't open jpeg
files (family photos) I send to her as attachments. I use my Yahoo email
account to send the emails. She says when she clicks to open the attachments
(photos), text files appear. It's like opening a word document with all the
text/maths symbols. She uses Outlook 2003 as her email program.

I've searched the web for answers but haven't found an answer specific to
this query.

Could you offer some advice please?

Febs (Brisbane, Australia)

"Diane Poremsky [MVP]" wrote:

if they were added to plain text emails, oe is displaying them inline - that
is a feature outlook lacks.

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"RockClimber" <RockClimber@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
I receive e-mails in HTML format with photos in-line; i.e., intermixed with
text. In Outlook Express the photos show up correctly but in Outlook they
are listed as attachments and I have to click on each one individually to
view it. It's not 100% of the time -- seems that this behavior depends on
the number of photos attached.

Is there an option that controls this?

"Brian Tillman" wrote:

hooklinesinka <hooklinesinka@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Hi. As a new XP Pro user, I am unable to view photos in the text box,
whether I'm sending or receiving them. This results in my having to
open each photo separately to view them. Could someone kindly tell me
how to change the view in Microsoft Office Outlook to enable me to
view photos when I open, or compose an email with digital photo

Attachments in Outlook are never displayed unless you open them.
images, however, will appear in the body of the message, but that's a
process only the sender can do. In other words, there is no option in
Outlook to make it behave like Outlook Express and show attachments in

To compose a message with images in line, you must use Word, compose in
and use Insert>Picture to embed the image in the message.
Brian Tillman