Re: Exchange/Outlook 2003 - group policy & local PST files


First, thanks for the feedback and links.

In the Office Administrative Templates, there is an entry for the
default PST location:
"User Configuration\Administrative Templates\Microsoft Office Outlook
2003\Miscellaneous\PST Settings\"
There, i was able to define a default location for the PST file - is
that not correct?

I can see that my initial description of the suggested path may not
work with the env variable as written, but I should be able to direct
the PST file to a directory other than the default rather than trying
to force the file name into the location variable.

So if nothing happens to the existing PST file, and I create a new
default location, does Outlook create a new "Archive Folders" location?

Thanks again,

Sue Mosher [MVP-Outlook] wrote:
You can't set the archive location with a GPO. It takes a .prf. See

Storing a PST file on a network share is unsupported, although plenty of people do it. See

* what will happen to an already created PST file in a location

Nothing at all will happen. It will still be there containing the same data.
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"Szkrad" <b.szkaradnik@xxxxxxxxx> wrote in message news:1149883998.242814.311230@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
In an effort to make sure we never reach the 16GB threshold for the SBS
2003 Exchange Info Store, I'm looking to setup a GPO to give everyone
consistent AutoArchive settings as well as a common location for the
PST file.

I have already downloaded the Office Administrative Templates for
Outlook 2003, so I already have found the settings I want to modify and
have made the changes, I just haven't made them live on the domain yet.

My thoughts to date:
* create two GPOs, one for the PST location, one for the autoarchive
settings themselves
* set PST location to local drive, or common network share

My concerns:
* can I use environment variables in defining a filename? e.g.,
"C:\outlook archive\%USERNAME%'s Archive.pst"
* what will happen to an already created PST file in a location
different from the newly defined? will it move the existing to the new
location and continue, or will it start a new, second PST and the
contents of the first will have to be moved manually?

Anything else I should be concerned about? Aside from having the new
PST files backed up...

I'd appreciate any help you can provide - thanks!