Re: Attachment duplicate/overwrite problem in 2003

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I have started having the same problem and am also looking for a
solution. I choose not to forward the message because I am not
always sending the whole message or don't want to erase everything
else in the message just to send the attachments. Your explanation
of the problem is very complete though hopefully someone can help.

I'm glad to see someone else is at least having the same issue! My
client is very frustrated by this for the simple reason that he used
to be able to do it without difficulty. My bet is that it's a bug
introduced in Office 2003 since the exact same technique worked fine
on his earlier installation. (I'd have to make sure, but I'm fairly
certain he was using Office XP previously.)


To restate my original question - why would you not just forward the
original e-mail and delete what you don't want to include? This is generally
a lot faster anyway.

I would say this is a serious bug if you cannot rely on the copy /
paste method. I often include attachments to a new message which I
sometimes pull from one or more past messages. Surely you should be
able to do this with confidence.